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image"Hm…airborne fowl? Do you perhaps have business here?"

"Y-yes…I mean no…"

He froze up mid stride and blinked at her. A demon? Oh no,this couldn’t be good…not good at all. 

"I…i’m simply traveling through…I’ll be on my way soon-I promise."


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"Oh, hello there." Odea took note of this bird like creature, but hid the glimmer of unease he had. Most birds tended to prey on grasshoppers, and despite that this was the first time he had come across one. Sadly, there was no way to hide the obvious fact that he was indeed an insect, so he could only hope this avian creature wasn’t hungry. 

"May I ask as to what you are doing on private property?" 

The large expanse of open fields and a certain section of the forest belonged to the grasshopper. He didn’t just dress the part of the rich male—he played it, as well. A large, double-door, three-story estate was only meters away, as well. 

I can only hope this young man respects territory—although the more I look at him, the less threatening he becomes.


The bird stood mid-stride in the middle of the fields. To be honest, he was passing through, hoping to get a good look at the scenery around him before he continued his journey south-it never occurred to him that this land may of actually belonged to someone. Reiji straightened and clasped his hands behind his back, giving a slight bow to the other.

"I’m sorry. Good afternoon."

Re-straightening himself, he eye’d over the other, he was a bug of some sort but terribly well dressed in a style of clothing that the magpie had never seen inside his own kingdom, it was western style formal wear, this man had money and most likely guards of a sort.

The bird gulped nervously and glanced around him, eyes searching for any oncoming attackers.

"I-I was just looking…please excuse me, I’m sorry to trespass."

He really was sorry, and he’d be even more sorry if he wound up behind bars because he couldn’t keep his eyes nor his curiosity to himself.



"Magpie’s…some sorta bird, right?" Can’t he just say ‘I’m a bird?’ Fuck. "And if you think you’re gonna survive in this world with that attitude, you’re wrong. You’ll be hacked to pieces, eaten alive, burnt at the stake, ripped apart—” Vendetto went cut himself short, surely the other was already nervous and his listening of obituaries wasn’t helping. Whoops. 

"…" The blond simply waits for the other to speak, whilst crossing his arms in indifference. He’d wait for the other to speak before lashing out again.

His eyes widened at the list and his heart skipped a beat. He was going to die here…wasn’t he? If it wasn’t from this demon it would be from another.


Reiji’s voice came out as a stammer, he took a moment to focus himself before speaking again, it was a scare tactic-yes-that’s what this was…this demon was trying to scare him off. He took in a shaky breathe and cleared his throat before speaking again,

"I’m sure…I’ll be okay…I mean no quarrel with anyone-I promise…a magpie is…yes, I’m a bird." 

His voice quavered over words but he made a tremendous effort to appear sturdy and headstrong. If anything the demon will see that he is weak and try to eat him…or something like that. Demons would eat anything, right?

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”’s William, but you can call me Will…” He gestured to himself, and then nodded.

"…N..nice to meet you, Mr Reiji…" He murmured.

"It is nice to meet you as well…I suppose."

He sniffed and gave a slight bow..but a graceful one. Reiji gave a small smile

"I…I suppose this is goodbye for now." 

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Hand on hip, Sync gazed at the magpie with an almost indifferently, impatient stare; yet soon once he heard the other’s words. It is obvious he was far from home. “Avian species..” Lolling the word off of his tongue, Sync took a deep sigh. “A kingdom in the east? Hm, so there are rulers here…” This made the young god-general reconsider causing trouble, as fighting air-borne targets is nothing short of troublesome.

"Y-yes…there are rulers here."

The bird stared.What a strange question…from quite a strange man. He bit his lip and continued

"And yes…avian…I am a magpie."

A slight tilt of the head and a ruffling of feathers followed by a blinking of a pair of bead like eyes to accentuate that fact. 

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Go serious, go dark, go full out heartbreaking. PULL AT MY MUSES FEELS


She holds her hands up in an attempt at a reassuring gesture. It’s a bit of a relief that he doesn’t know, or at least, is pretending not to know. The woes of her kingdom shouldn’t trouble the rest of the world, no matter how large.

"Well, um… Th-there was a war. It was a short one, but still really devastating, and we’re kind of still recovering…" One hand lowers while the other scratches the back of her neck. "Actually, a lot of foreigners know about it. It’s weird."

"A war?"

He frowned and tilted his head. Where he came from fighting was treated as a horrible way to solve disagreements and was never ever used since the first war in the land…the avian kingdom had many negotiators that took care of disagreements without bloodshed, however, he supposed it was not the same way for other kingdoms sometimes people will simply not listen to reasoning. 

"I’m very sorry…and I’m guessing word has gotten around, ah?"

This is what he got for not really listening to world news…

"I’m very very very sorry for your losses. I wish you much luck with your recovery…"

He nodded meekly, a notion he hoped would send good will the little witches way, it was all he could do after all.

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